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In which we find out about the home workouts…

What is it?

The Voice Over Work Out Lounge, or VOWOL, focuses on taking what you learn in classes and workshops, and getting the chance to put those lessons into action.

VOWOL is also a place where you can meet people who do showcases (for instance, people who can help generate or steer you work; like agents, producers, directors, and casting directors) in a more informal, friendly atmosphere, with one-on-one direction. We also have general workouts, currently located in Downtown Los Angeles.

How do I find out details?

We have surprise guests who come. We find outstanding opportunities in the voice over world. And super useful secrets to help you get ahead. By having a direct correspondence with you, you find out the latest info, and if it’s a good fit for you! If you have questions, please email or call directly! It’ll help us get to know you better, and find a good fit for you.

So what do I get?

Get the positive vibe.

The VO business has come down to you, home alone with your mic. That’s not how you get better! At VOWOL, this is full-on participation. It’s a place where theory is put into action and practice. You go toe to toe with people, and get feedback. Hear yourself – and hear other people. You need a group – so why not let that group be made up of  some likeminded and supportive people? And no crowds!

Get loose.

Optimistic VO actors play in a safe free-form environment. Grow where you want. Take risks. Break out of your usual comfort zones safely with no fallout.

Reach out.

Networking at the Voice Over Work Out Lounge is about finding and developing authentic relationships, through looking at long term perspectives. It’s not just for work leads — share and share alike: Learn editing secrets. Catch the latest on opportunities for more auditions. See the specific techniques that people use who book all the time.

Get great studios.

At the weekly work out at the pro-home studio, you get a lot of time at the mic. Pro-quality mp3’s are yours! And at our special guest nights in a working studio, we bring in people you need to meet. The space is just right: plus, the room and mic have recorded thousands of Video Games, animation, features, and more. Our typical audio engineer has over 10 years experience running sessions.

Get saving.

VOWOL is an affordable alternative to private classes. if you can’t afford it, you might still go to a class here and there, but then you might not be given the consistency of feedback that you need as you continue to grow.

What do I do?

Meet guest hosts in the biz.

We have working Producers, Agents, Casting Directors, VO Directors, and Pro-Instructors share their knowledge and feedback at least once a month. These top guests include casting directors who give you multiple redirects, and, can you believe it? talk with you, producers who are working on all kinds of projects from animation to feature films, and VO directors who spend their day hiring and working with top VO talent on a regular basis. And of course, professional instructors (who normally charge hundreds of dollars for private sessions and intensives). And as always, you get a supportive and playful vibe.

Download pro-recordings.

At the end of the session, you can download a TOP QUALITY, PROFESSIONALLY ENGINEERED RECORDING. You’ll hear your takes, choices, and reads with more nuance and clear sounding goodness.

Details at http://vowol.blogspot.com/

By signing up for our email distributions you receive an update about once a month. Home workouts in residential Hollywood foothills area.

We offer a pro- home studio, surprise guests, top voice-actor participants, and amazing instruction. Plus pristine-perfect, demo friendly recordings you can download to your computer.

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What’s the agenda?

Our goal is your growth as a voice actor. Which is a way for you to have a more successful career, by offering an additional place for you to come to grow. Keep stepping up to the plate. You want to be surrounded by success? Take a step forward. We have by offering VOWOL. But you have to take this other step. This goes beyond showcases, audition practice, essential skills, and networking with people who can hire you.

Wanna play?

This monthly Thursday night series is come-when-you-want. Or you can buy a monthly package for a sweet $110 – includes guest-hosted workout, and 3 work outs. Or, you can come alacarte – $45 for guest-hosted workout. $30 for each of workouts.

One Thursday a month is at a pro studio at Hollywood Blvd & La Brea. The other Thursday evenings are in a home studio at a convenient parking space in the Hollywood foothills. After your workout, download your practice rounds.


More questions? Wanna sign up? Ask in an email, or call!

roy@vowol.com 310-439-9036

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